Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the birthplace of Cervantes

In the mid-way between Madrid and Guadalajara, people today due to continued growth, the old Alcala de Henares is a must. Not for nothing is storied and cultured city, seat of a diocese and a former University recovered again after centuries, the birthplace of famous people, beginning with Cervantes and followed by Cardinal Cisneros, two of the most influential men of the Golden Age Spanish Solar-and nine National Monuments, which has earned the title of the privileged world heritage, their neighbors look with great pride, especially as Madrid, the neighboring city that stole the capital for several years ecclesiastical university and the province could not even dream of achieving it.

The cathedral, the University or the High Street are more than enough attractions to visit Alcala.

The Cathedral of the Holy Children (those Justo y Pastor martyred in Roman times and on which rests the noble relics building), the University of Cardinal Cisneros, the Chapel of the Magistrate and the Tower of Santa Maria, the Comedy Corral (the year 1600 no less), the main street arcades to the alleged Casa de Cervantes and his old bakery, the Hospital of Antezana (the year 1483, but still active), the neo-Gothic Mansion Hotel-Laredo or the famous House of Hippolytus, survivor of the Roman city of Complutus, the predecessor of the current Alcalá de Henares, are most attractive enough to visit the birthplace of Cervantes, who also was once the Archpriest of Hita or of President Manuel Azana, to give just two examples.

This Parador modern avant-garde despite being housed in a former Dominican convent offers its new facilities including a fabulous spa and gastronomic journey possible at the time of Don Quixote with his grief and losses, their galianos, his magnificent potpourri, their crumbs or minced meat. And all this at twenty kilometers from Barajas, the largest airport in the peninsula, and Twenty-six of Madrid.