Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in the Czech Republic

The Prague market is considered the largest and most beautiful of Czech Republic.
Roznov pod Radhostem is a picturesque village at the foot of the Beskid Mountains.
Horovice Palace also attracts visitors for Christmas.

Christmas parties are often accompanied by customs and traditions and the Czech Republic retains a lot of them. In Prague, the capital, Christmas carols sound like in their places, especially downtown, which are illuminated by dozens of stars. In the environment expand cloves and cinnamon smells of mulled wine and pine needles to Orobie in a beautiful setting full of fairs and Christmas markets with gifts always original.

Markets everywhere
The Christmas market in Prague is considered the largest and most beautiful of Czech Republic. Held in Town Square (Old Town Square) . The many stalls offering Christmas decorations, gifts, candy, or jewelry cribs are open every day. It also takes place the Christmas market in Wenceslas Square (Wenceslas Square). But there are other cities where you can taste Czech traditional Christmas spirit. For example, in Brno you can enjoy flea markets full of aromas. The posts are offered gifts and Christmas decorations, tents, cheeses, pastries typically called "trdelník" or roasted chestnuts . There are a host of interesting items to buy, a varied cultural program or a sample of traditional crafts. In Roznov pod Radhostem , picturesque village situated in the Wallachian (Moravian Wallachia) at the foot of the Beskid Mountains, we have another classic flea market. It is an ideal place to see work of artisans and the rich program of customs and traditions or exposure to living in this city. It is also worth visiting the Christmas market in Cesky Krumlov , South Bohemia. Cesky Krumlov or need a rich cultural program that includes among other activities Christmas concerts and shows how to decorate gingerbread Christmas. Also in Ceske Budejovice , South Bohemia metropolis, visiting Christmas markets is one of the great attractions where you can buy Christmas decorations, endless gifts or enjoy the "grog" typical winter hot drink .

Romantic palaces
The Horovice palace situated on the border between two regions of Bohemia Pilsen and Central , attracts visitors even during the period of Advent. In December weekends you can visit the rooms of the palace Horovice and discover their romantic corners. The Hruby Rohozec palace is situated very near the city of Turnov , North Bohemia. Also there will be tours palatial holiday stays. Taste the authentic Christmas atmosphere, as lived in the past the nobility, know how owners of palaces celebrated the Christmas holidays and see gift exposure time.

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