Monday, December 26, 2011

Eating nougat in their land Jijona

Nougat Museum preserves the memory of Wolf and 1880 brands.
In the Alto de la Carrasqueta discover a privileged environment.
There are Moors and Christians celebrations in February and August.

One of the synonyms for Christmas is the nougat , nougat and say that is Jijona . The land of this sweet Christmas is a mountainous area of the province of Alicante. These parties can be an excuse to learn Jijona and nougat to eat on their land. The city is nestled in the foothills of the Roj Peña a, to 453 meters above sea level, 25 kilometers north of Alicante. Its attractions are the castle (a building of architectural interest) or the Franciscan Convent of the Virgin of Orito, the Hermitage of Santa Barbara and the Church of Santa Maria. It is located in the foothills of Red Rock, 25 km Alicante And if by Christmas and nougat, deserves a visit Nougat Museum , which preserves family memories Sirvent Selfa founder of the Wolf and 1880 brands. The municipality of Jijona is filled with immense forests of pine and oaks in high mountains of over a thousand meters, which leads to spectacular views of valleys and ravines in vertical as well as the Mediterranean, due to its proximity, however, other parts of the municipality, the closest to the coast, suffer from desertification concern.

The Carrasqueta

The terrain is mountainous except in the southeast, pointing west to east, the Penya Migjorn, the Sierra de la Carrasqueta and Montagut , saws that are the natural limits of the term. It is also interest the Natural Municipal Plantadets Els, with an area of 254 hectares. The Carrasqueta is a natural step to communicate with Alcoy Alicante More than a thousand feet high in the Alto de la Carrasqueta discover a rural setting surrounded mountains and steeped in tranquility. Its highest mountain is the Carrasqueta with 1,300 meters high at its peak (1,020 meters to the passage of the N-340). It is the natural way to communicate with Alcoy Alicante.

At the top of the Carrasqueta, the former residence of the nevaters has become a small hotel . A place where you conduct tastings of nougat in all varieties of the best quality, also of the Mediterranean trilogy of bread, wine and oil, and the kitchen of the ride.

Moors and Christians

If we can not approach Jijona for Christmas, there are two dates. One is the second half of February, when parties are held Moors and Christians, called the "Festival of Ice Cream Makers" . The other is in August , on the weekend closest to 24th, the festivities take place, also Moors and Christians

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