Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unusual Hotels of spain

Special evenings most original hotels in Spain

The wagon-Circus hotel Raluy is traveling, as the circus.
Or Semaphore is a former Finisterre lighthouse converted into a hotel.
Renting private island Tagomago (Ibiza) costs € 100,000 per week.

The hotel we choose to stay can be in itself sufficient reason to give shape and meaning to travel. Especially when it comes to hotels with personality. Hotels rare, unusual or surprising. Fortunately, in Spain there are many. They are not the largest nor the most expensive, nor the best placed, but are unique places to rest. From an ice igloo hut perched on a tree , going through an old railroad car or a tepee, there are dozens of unusual to find accommodation.

Sleeping in a bullring
The list is extensive. Examples include Circus wagon Raluy-hotel (perhaps the only hotel traveling the world), O Semaphore (an old lighthouse converted into a hotel that is scanning the Atlantic from Finistère) or the Hotel Plaza de Toros de Almadén (Ciudad Real) . We could add B & B (bed and breakfast) luxury thatched cottages, to urban hotels, guest houses of monasteries and even palaces . We can find accommodation from 30 € night € 100,000 per week The best thing is that the uniqueness and exclusivity no to be synonymous with expensive or extravagance. In Spain we can find unusual accommodation from 30 € to 100,000 € night a week it costs, for example, rent the private island of Tagomago (Ibiza). The French tourist will be well informed of this offer, because this is the motley altarpiece of proposals offered by the guide Hotels unusual in Spain and Portugal, the French publisher has just released Jonglez . This is a compilation of over fifty original and always surprising accommodations scattered throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

A destination in itself
Journalist and photographer David Revelles Oscar Elias , have gathered for the first time the elite cast of unique and unusual accommodations scattered throughout Spain and Portugal. collect the secrets of a bunch of rooms for mythmakers is that transcend hotel category crossing point, a simple bed to sleep, to become a destination in itself.

The mythmakers enjoy big as the guide not only focuses on hotels, but also the secrets of a rare cluster of rooms that accommodate only special characters deserve special mention. It is not trivial: sleeping in the same room in which they did in their day The Beatles in his only concert in Barcelona, or where Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco spent their honeymoon is not every day. That said, unique accommodations ... for all audiences.

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